Akshay Bhardwaj: General Manager, Green Hydrogen and New Business, ACME Cleantech Solutions

General Manager, Green Hydrogen and New Business, ACME Cleantech Solutions

Akshay Bhardwaj, general manager, green hydrogen and new business, at ACME Cleantech Solutions, has more than 13 yea­rs of professional experience in the energy sector. At present, he is responsible for commercialising ACME’s global green hydrogen and green ammonia portfolio. His role also involves expanding ACME’s footprint globally for setting up multi-gigawatt-scale green ammonia projects. Prior to ACME, Bhardwaj was director at FTI Consulting. He has also worked with the strategy consulting in­sigh­ts team at Shell and led the energy business of BM India.

In his current role at ACME, Bhardwaj traverses multiple do­ma­ins. Therefore, the scope of learning and delivering solutions is hu­ge. “Since we are looking to expand into multiple geograp­hi­es glo­ba­lly, the understanding and application of local policies (for the hydrogen sector) and regulatory structures makes this a very fulfilling role.

He believes that there is an unprecedented opportunity for India in the green hydrogen sector. “Not only can India ensure en­ergy security for itself, but also emerge as a global energy powerhouse. I would go to the extent of saying that India can be the next Qatar of the green hydrogen world in terms of the export potential. A robust policy framework encompassing some of the critical elements – land allocation, mandate-based demand generation in a time-bound manner, zero customs duties and zero power banking charges – must be put in place. The purchase of green ammonia should also be through dollar-denominated contracts.”

In terms of management style, Bhardwaj believes a leader must first give respect in order to receive it. “A leader must work very closely with the team and go beyond a professional setting to ensure a happy environment and keep the motivation level up. Admitting mistakes and engaging in open communication are also essential for achieving success as a group,” he says.

Bhardwaj is an out-and-out sports buff. He finds joy in watching football and tennis matches. He also enjoys spending quality time with his family and reading non-fiction.

Going forward, Bhardwaj hopes to give back to society. “I am interested in creating a platform for Indian start-ups to tap into glo­bal capital/funding seamlessly either through grants or invest­me­nts, which I believe is still a big constraint. I am also working on an idea to tackle the issue of recycling of plastic waste mo­re effi­ciently. I am open to collaboration with like-minded individuals/organisations on both,” he states.