Luminous launches an integrated lithium battery inverter

Luminous Power Technologies has launched new Li-ON series inverters with integrated lithium-ion batteries as a compact, safe and efficient power backup solution for the retail and domestic segments. The new plug-and-play inverters offer reliable performance with minimal upkeep. The first in the Li-ON series, the Li-ON 1250 features a battery management system that optimises the performance of both the inverter and the battery, extending its life and performance. The 1,100 VA inverter can handle up to 880 W of load and has a backup time of more than three hours at 50 per cent load, making it ideal for powering a three-bedroom house or a large showroom. An advanced LCD screen displays running statistics such as battery charging time and backup time. Furthermore, the inverter provides fast
charging, allowing the battery to be fully charged using grid electricity in just four hours. Reportedly, the Li-ON power back up solution is safe as it eliminates the risk of accidental contact by doing away with wires and terminals. Its pure
sine wave output protects connected appliances from voltage surges and short circuits.


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