Growatt unveils a new inverter for residential applications

Growatt has introduced its new inverter series, MOD 3-10KTL3-XH, designed for residential applications. The inverter is available in eight different versions with nominal power ranging from 3 kW to 10 kW. The product efficiency ranges from 98.3 per cent to 98.6 per cent, while the European average is 97.5 per cent to 98.1 per cent. The smallest device of the series measures 425x387x147 mm and weighs 12.5 kg. The largest inverter is 425x387x178 mm in size and weighs 14 kg. It features up to two maximum power point tracking (MPPT) inputs, with MPPT voltage ranging from 140 V to 1,000 V. The inverter can operate at a maximum height of 4,000 metres and in ambient temperatures ranging from -25 to 60° Celsius. IP66 enclosures are also available in the series. The device is said to be capable of providing 10 kW full power output plus 10 kW full power battery charge simultaneously, doubling the productivity of the system.


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