OIL commissions India’s first pure green hydrogen plant in Assam

Oil India Limited (OIL), a government-owned company, has completed the country’s only pure green hydrogen pilot facility in Jorhat, Assam, with an installed capacity of 10 kg per day. In under three months, the processes for commissioning the hydrogen plant were completed. The facility manufactures green hydrogen utilising a 100 kW anion exchange membrane electrolyser array, a technology that is being used for the first time in India, from electricity produced by an existing 500 kW solar plant.

As per the statement, the plant’s green hydrogen production will increase from 10 kg per day to 30 kg per day in the future. To reduce carbon emissions, India has taken initiatives to generate sustainable energy from green hydrogen. In addition, OIL intends to research commercial applications of mixed fuel.

Earlier this month, OIL entered into an incubation agreement with Ohm Clean Tech Private Limited for the design, integration, and development of a 9-M hydrogen fuel cell powered e-bus as well as a liquid organic hydrogen carrier solution. The start-up will be mentored and supported by IIT-Guwahati. OIL also announced that its SNEH (start-up nurturing, enabling & handholding) scheme will support qualifying start-ups.