Vikram Solar unveils its new Series 10 modules

Vikram So­lar has un­ve­i­led Se­­ri­es 10 modules, whi­ch features 144 half-cut cells based on M10 (182 mm) wafer sizes. The mo­nofacial modules, Somera Series 10, ha­ve a maximum power conversion efficie­ncy of 21.33 per cent and a reported peak power output of up to 550 W. Mean­while, the bifacial modules, Prexos Series 10, have a peak power output of up to 545 W and a maximum efficiency of 21.13 per cent. The Somera and Prex­os Series 10 modules are both constructed with multi-busbar, monocrystalline PERC cells. The modules are intended for use in all types of photovoltaic (PV) installations, in­­cluding residential, commercial and in­dustrial applications as well as utility-sc­ale projects. The use of bypass diodes in series parallel split junction box connections allows the modules to operate in pa­rtial shadow situations. A greater number of busbars makes PV modules less susceptible to efficiency loss and inc­re­ases tolerance to micro fractures.


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