GWEC’s Report on Green Recovery Opportunities from Wind Power

A recent report by Global Wind Energy Council titled “Capturing green recovery opportunities from wind power in developing economies” reflects a study of wind energy potential in five developing economies over the next five years, with the aim to highlight the vast and largely unexploited socioeconomic and environmental opportunities attached to wind energy. Accelerated deployment of wind projects will not only support a global net zero target, but help countries to realise a range of benefits from job creation to cleaner air.

The study identifies three common barriers facing wind energy deployment in developing economies and provides recommendations on how these barriers can be overcome. Five developing economies in particular were selected as country studies: Brazil, India, South Africa, Mexico, and the Philippines. These were selected because they face particular socio-political and economic challenges related to COVID-19, which threaten to slow down the clean energy transition, as well as for having significant and still largely untapped wind energy resource.

The findings of this study show that a green recovery scenario of accelerated wind deployment from 2022-2026 would realise tremendous socioeconomic benefits for each country. For developing economies facing the difficult balance of restarting economic growth while maintaining energy security and resilience, investment in the wind sector offers a pathway to a robust and sustainable recovery.

Download the report here