Tiger Neo 605: JinkoSolar’s 600+W panel – Versatile for both utility and commercial projects

JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo with an efficiency of up to 22.3%, promises to have 15-20W more wattage than the conventional p-PERC panel of the same size. Unlike other panels whose higher power comes from enlarged sizes, Tiger Neo derives this result simply from increased efficiency. For instance, the power rating of Tiger Neo 72-cell version based on 182” wafer is ranging from 555W to 575W with mainstream at 565W, while conventional PERC modules are rated 540 W to 560W with maximum focus on 550W. Tiger Neo 78-cell version has power rating well above 610W. In addition, with the same power rating and compact size, Tiger Neo has an energy yield of 3% to 5% higher than conventional modules. For example, panels rated at 605W don’t come with a high bifacial factor. Tiger Neo produces over 3% more power than its p-PERC counterparts owing to its benefits including lower degradation, higher temperature, better low light performance in the morning and later afternoon, lower rate of LID (light-induced degradation) and does not suffer from LeTID (light and elevated temperature induced degradation), unlike P-type cells.

The main driver for developing more powerful solar panels stems from the desire to decrease the cost of utility-scale solar farms and ultimately reduce electricity prices. Since high output panels require an equivalent amount of connections and labour compared to low wattage panels, the installation cost per kW is reduced, resulting in lower overall cost and decreased LCOE. But conventional 605W 210 p-PERC panel has enormous size at about 1303mm wide which makes it challenging to handle on most rooftops, while Tiger Neo has smarter size at about 1134 mm wide which enables more panels to be connected per string, furthermore, making panel carrying and installation easier and more friendly. In addition to power density, Tiger Neo 605W promises 3%-5% extra produced energy over its 600W p-PERC counterparts which means high power per watt (kWh/kWp). From the system safety perspective, Tiger Neo 605W is advantageous in lower short circuit current at 14A while its 210 p-PERC 605W panels are at about 15A.


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