Trina Tracker releases its smart O&M control solution

Trina Tracker has launched its smart op­e­rations and maintenance (O&M) control solution, Trina Smart Cloud, which is designed as a unique intelligent monitor and supervisory control solution that provides intelligent O&M of the PV station. The Smart Cloud lowers the levellised cost of energy (LCOE) by minimising power losses, improving system performance and reducing O&M activities, time and costs. The application features user-friendly software that can be readily integrated into other platforms, as well as a network architecture that can be configured to the characteristics of each project. The new control solution centralises its intelligent algorithm to pro­vide a smart O&M tracking comprehensive solution. It enables reliable and accurate operations across a range of weather conditions. It also increases pr­o­­­­duction through preventive diagnosis and O&M suggestions based on ex­te­n­sive and reliable data analysis.

According to the company, Smart Cloud includes a flexible and secure net­work ar­chitecture with mature customised configuration and integrated multiple machine learning frameworks. It is a hi-ghly visualised human-machine in­terface with remote monitoring, data ac­quisition, data online analysis and processing features. It includes a data pa­c­k­age application programming interface (API) and alarm protection system. It also allows quick troubleshooting, re­mo­­­­te control and command.


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