Risen releases 700 W alloy steel framed module

Risen has launched its latest NewT@N series product with a power output ra­nge up to 700 W with an alloy steel fra­med module. The panel is designed on an N-type 210 mm wafer with a dimension of 2,384 mm plus 1,303 mm, and an average conversion efficiency of 22.5 per cent, using a 6-plus 11 half-cut configuration. This module comes with a new alloy steel frame that has higher strength, higher stiffness and greater climate ad­aptability than a conventional aluminium frame. However, the steel fra­me increa­ses the panel weight by 2-4 per cent as compared to the aluminium frame.

Steel production has much lower carbon emissions than the production of aluminium. Further, as compared to 2.67 times of coefficient of thermal expansion between aluminium and glass, steel and glass have a coefficient of thermal ex­pa­n­sion of only 1.3, resulting in a significa-ntly reduced danger of temperature ch­an­ge expansion. This is expected to help the PV module product to be ad­apted to different climates all over the world. According to the company, the use of the alloy steel frame helps reduce the balance of system cost as well as the LCOE. Further, the company plans to use the steel alloy frame in its other high-power products of the TITAN and NewT@N series in the future.


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