Panasonic releases a 5 kW pure hydrogen fuel cell generator

Panasonic has introduced the H2 Kiboi, a 5 kW pure hydrogen fuel cell generator that generates power through a chemical reaction using high purity hydrogen and oxygen in the air. The device is designed to meet the needs of small-scale comm­ercial facilities. The fuel cell system operates on pure hydrogen with a density of more than 99.97 per cent and an electrical efficiency of 56 per cent. The system measures 834 x 417 x 1,766 mm in length and weighs 205 kg. The new product can be used at elevations of up to 500 metres and in operating temperatures ranging from -10 to 40 °Celsius.

It can generate electricity and utilise up to 2.5 kW of its capacity for at least 120 hours during power outages, adding to business continuity planning. Repor­ted­ly, the device can be started in about one minute, which is useful for reacting to peak cut control, when generators must respond quickly.


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