RIL plans to use 3 GW solar to produce green hydrogen at its Gujarat gigafactory

Reliance Industries (RIL) is planning to generate 400,000 tonnes of hydrogen through the use of about 3 GW of solar energy at its proposed electrolyser gigafactory. The electrolyser factory is one of the four gigafactories planned by Reliance in Gujarat. The first will be a solar photovoltaic gigafactory that will produce and deliver solar cells and modules, with a capacity of 100 GW by 2030. The second gigafactory will be a grid battery plant that will help to stabilise the local power system and ensure that power is available at all times. The third plant will be a fuel-cell facility for the production of green hydrogen.

As per an announcement at a recent industry event, for the solar PV gigafactory, the company is planning  to manufacture silicon, wafers, cells and modules and to initially focus on Indian supply. The gigafactory will have a capacity of 20 GW per year at first, with one-fourth of that capacity being captive and the balance being exported to the grid.

In June 2021, RIL announced its plan to invest Rs 750 billion in green energy initiatives over the next three years. To this end, the company would set up four giga factories focusing on solar photovoltaics, energy storage, electrolysers, and fuel cells. Of the total investment planned, Rs 600 billion would be invested to create and offer a fully integrated, end-to-end renewable energy ecosystem while the remaining Rs 150 billion would be invested in the value chain, partnerships, and future technologies, including upstream and downstream industries.