Sunway releases the STS-7~11KTL single-phase inverter series

Sunway has released the STS-7~11KTL si­ngle-phase inverter solution for residential power plan­ts. This series has five models – STS-7KTL, STS-8KTL, STS-9KTL, STS-10KTL and STS-11KTL – and features a maximum efficiency of 98.1 per cent and a European efficiency of 97.6 per cent.

The STS-7~11KTL has three solar PV inputs split into two maximum power po­int trackers (MPPTs), with a PV input voltage range of 80-600 V, allowing for up to 150 per cent PV overloading. It has a ma­ximum PV input current of 15A and is co­mpatible with standard 540 W solar pan­els. Dual MPPT tracking offers very precise tracking and great operational effi­ciency across a wide voltage range. Mo­re­over, two MPPT trackers effectively all­ow the inverter to consider the PV as two distinct systems, resulting in increas­ed ad­aptability, efficiency and space effici­ency. The shells of the inverter and Wi-Fi dongle are manufactured from a single die-casting moulding structure, which pr­e­vents water or moisture from entering, and are covered with a special anti-corrosion spray to ensure safe outdoor use. From minus 30 degrees to plus 60 deg­rees Celsius, this device may be used in both low and high temperatures, including deserts where the temperature swi­ngs from hot during the day to cold at night.

The product offers various features such as multiple built-in protection mechanisms, including DC and AC surge protection, anti-island, short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature pr­otection, as well as reverse polarity pro­te­ction, all of which, combined with ground fault and grid monitoring, ensures stable performance and safe operation.


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