REIL floats tender for 36,000 solar module raw materials kits

Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Limited (REIL), a joint venture between the government of India and Rajasthan, has floated a tender for the supply of 36,000 raw materials kits that will be used to produce solar modules. Solar modules having a 330 W output with a total capacity of 12 MW would be generated. 3,000 sets for 1 MW should be the minimum lot size for a 15-day period. The bid submission deadline is September 6, 2021.

According to the tender specifications, 25 per cent of the total quantity specified in the tender has been set aside for micro and small business (MSE) providers, out of which 20 per cent has been designated for procurement by MSEs owned by Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe entrepreneurs. Multicrystalline or monocrystalline solar cells having a capacity higher than or equal to 4.67 W and a length of five busbars shall be included in the package. The dimensions of the cells should be 156*156+/-1.0 mm or 156.75*156.75+/-1.0 mm. The cells should have a thickness of 200 +/- 20 m.

In March 2021, REIL floated two tenders for the purchase of 290,000 multicrystalline solar cells under domestic content requirement category.  The first tender is for the rate contract supply of 150,000 multicrystalline silicon solar cells with 4.5 W output. The second tender is for the supply of 140,000 multicrystalline silicon solar cells of 4.67 W output.


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