Interview with Prakash Suratkar, CEO, PV Diagnostics

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What are the major areas of expertise for PV Diagnostics?

PV Diagnostics has expertise across the solar value chain focussing on each aspect of a solar plant. We have expertise in

  • Module technology
  • Manufacturing and module engineering
  • Design engineering and validation
  • Solar installation and commissioning consultancy
  • Civil structure and foundations
  • Solar plant performance diagnostics and improvement

What is the company’s geographical reach?

The company has a geographical reach pan India, US, South Africa, SEA

What has been the company’s experience regarding the quality of solar PV projects in India?

Having worked with multiple stakeholders and assessing 5 GW+ worth of solar assets, we have observed major issues in module quality, structure design and installation, foundation design and its strength, and O&M practices. However, these issues can be rectified with stringent quality control practices across the value chain, continuous monitoring, skill training and consultation.

How does the company help in improving the quality and reliability of solar PV projects?

We have been working closely with asset owners, EPC companies, O&M companies, component manufacturers, government regulatory bodies to improve the quality across the value chain.

We carry out in-depth review of solar assets through design review (electrical, mechanical, civil), visual inspection, electrical measurement, civil and mechanical stability measurement, hydrology studies, thermal studies, EL testing, involving third party mobile labs, etc.

Based on our studies, we develop a report that outlines issues observed, its impact on the plant life and energy generation, remedial measures and its techno-commercial implications. We assist our customers to implement the recommendations and ensure its success in turning around the asset.

For banks and insurance companies, our unbiased reports are bankable with no compromise on our findings and recommendations

We also publish our major findings on different platforms to familiarize the solar community regarding different existing issues and possible fixes for them.

What are your future plans in this space?

We are looking for expansion in our service portfolio to energy storage, hydrogen, round the clock energy system, and other renewable energy services. We are right now in the testing phase for real-time diagnostics tool for solar power plants

Tell us something more about the company

Our founders and advisors come with a wealth of knowledge and in-depth techno-commercial experience across the entire value chain of PV systems and in general renewables. Being IIT Bombay graduates and industry experienced professionals, we are now a strong team of 25+ people with 5+ GW worth of experience. We have been working with all the major solar developers, asset owners, private equity players, banks and insurance companies, component manufacturers within India and in certain geographies outside India as well. In short span of 4 years, we have established ourselves as major solar advisory and consulting firm which is now competing with international players. We are looking forward to expand in other geographies and foray into other renewable technologies.

Our registered office is in Mumbai and our operation teams works out of Indore. We also have office in Bangalore.

What are the main services you offer?

Our main services include performance evaluation and improvement studies of solar assets, design engineering and simulation, quality monitoring and inspection at every stage of PV value chain, Technical Due Diligence of solar assets and complete assistance during asset acquisition.  We also work with insurance companies and banks for claims and refinancing potentials. We have developed web-based tools for factory inspection, diagnostics and technical due diligence of solar assets.




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