Level Up Mobility and Storage power performance with Okaya Lithium Battery

Okaya Lithium Batteries offer reliable performance for both automotive and standby power applications. These batteries have higher energy densities than regular batteries. These batteries are lightweight, have a compact design, and are known for their performance.

Okaya’s Lithium Batteries are an ideal match for varied applications where captive power back up is required or as a fuel, like solar energy storage, powering e-vehicles, telecom back up power applications, energy storage systems, etc. In Okaya Lithium Batteries, lithium is used as an anode where the charge moves from anode to cathode during discharge and cathode to anode during charging. Due to its high durability and reliability, the battery is one of the most in-demand batteries in India.

These Okaya Lithium Batteries are ideal for two and three-wheeler electric vehicles. In order to fulfill eco-friendly and long-life reliable battery packs, Okaya has designed robust batteries with intelligent BMS based on Lithium-Ion Chemistry.

Okaya Lithium batteries are committed to delivering world-class performance for smart and smooth mobility of two and three-wheeler EVs. Okaya offers lithium batteries produced under stringent quality controls at the origin of manufacturing, and later, these batteries undergo high standard quality checks before reaching the customers.


  • Compatible with most existing two-wheelers
  • CAN is enabled for vehicle controller and charging communication needs
  • Special design for swapping battery experience
  • NCM cells for high energy density and high cycle life
  • Intelligent charging algorithm to enhance battery life
  • Seamless integration with our cloud platform
  • AIS048 certified battery
  • Mobile App for cloud based monitoring


  • High Energy Density- Upto 230 Wh/I
  • Peak power tolerance of 3kW for 10 sec
  • Safety first with multi Level protection features
  • Unibody aluminium extrusion designed for superior thermal performance
  • Inbuilt intelligent battery management for heat rain, sun – (Waterproof IP65 Cabinet)

A battery with high capacity is essential for improving acceleration and fuel efficiency for electric vehicles. As the output of the battery increases, so too does the acceleration, further improving fuel efficiency. Moreover, Okaya Lithium Batteries are suitable for high-end applications like solar power generation systems, renewable energy, energy storage systems ( ESS/BESS) , etc., as these batteries are built with features like:

  • High-charging/discharging rates while in use
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Integrated with high precision Protection Circuit Board (PCB) used for Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Smart BMS

Install Okaya Lithium Batteries and level-up your rides as these batteries have a feature of fast charging with low discharge, which means you can cover more miles with a single charge.


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