Telangana plans to set up smart grid cell to enhance energy efficiency

The Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission (TSERC) has issued a notification for implementing the Smart GridRegulation, 2021. One of the key announcements was the setting up of a Smart Grid cell within three months of the regulation being notified. The smart grid cell would be responsible for formulating and implementing smart grid programs, conducting baseline studies, and developing a database. It will also foster the development of smart grid projects, including plans for implementation, monitoring and reporting, and cost-benefit analysis.To identify the targets and outcomes for smart grid programs, the transmission licensee and respective distribution companies (discoms) are expected to undertake a baseline study with the necessary database.The regulation is set to be enforced from the date of its publication in the Telangana Gazette.

Under the notification, the commission also identifiesthe key priorities to address the challenges in the operation of the transmission and distribution systems to promote smart grid development in the state. These included cybersecurity issues, large-scale changes in generation mix and capabilities, and the large potential of new load from electric vehicles.

The Telangana government has made strong efforts to increase the efficiency of the grid. In November 2020, TSERC released the final regulations for the demand-side management initiatives of discoms. The purpose was to encourage consumers to change their electricity consumption patterns including the timing and level of electricity demand to help consumers use electricity more efficiently.


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