We enable solar plants to perform better

PV Diagnostics is a solar-tech consultancy expertising in diagnostics of solar power plants and quality control across the value chain. Starting off as a diagnostics company focusing on performance improvement of solar power plants, we are now working with all the stakeholders in the solar value chain. We have evaluated more than 5 GW of solar assets across the country.

Future developments include automation of plant diagnostics and enabling developers with in-house diagnostics of solar power plants. From a technical standpoint, the target is setting up industry standards for field testing of solar power plants. The technical team is also actively working on setting up energy storage verticals.

Our key offerings include:

On-site Diagnostics

  • End-to-end health check-ups of solar power plants
  • Remote detailed analysis of plant performance
  • Root cause analysis, insurance, and warranty claims

Support during Procurement and Construction

  • Factory inspection and auditing
  • Pre-dispatch quality assessment
  • Post-transportation quality assessment
  • Pre-installation quality assessment
  • Post installation Quality assessment

Technical due diligence

  • Due diligence of the solar assets with complete technical support during and after the asset acquisition
  • Technical quality assessment of solar assets

Other consulting services

  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Owner’s Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Detailed Project Report preparation
  • Root cause analysis and Performance improvement study

The main tests and analysis in the above services are:

  • Desktop analysis of historical data
  • EL Imaging
  • IV curve analysis
  • Drone/Manual thermal imaging

Our top existing customers include Sterling & Wilson, KKR, Fourth Partner Energy, Jakson, Tata Power, Adani, Renew Power, Refex Energy, Mahindra Susten, Acme, Vector Green, Mahagenco, Softbank, SunCycle USA, and Upgrade Energy to name a few.

PVD has provided exemplar consultancy services to the clients

PVD has supported several stakeholders and developers to assess critical aspects with the help of its strategic analysis and exhaustive reporting.

  1. Economic solutions

Outcome: Improvement in generation capacity by 0.8% with an incremental cost of approx 7 lacs.

Approach: Our approach in this study was as follows

  • Sample diagnostics study
  • Strategizing the approach based on the results from the sample study
  • Detailed diagnostics study for re-binning of modules and reduce mismatch losses. Use of proprietary algorithm for the best techno-commercial solution
  • PID reversal of modules affected by PID

ROI: Yearly benefit of approx 14 lacs, thereby proving to be economical for our clients

  1. Support in warranty claims

Outcome: Successful warranty claim and increased generation due to re-binning

Approach: The approach is listed below

  • Sample diagnostics study conducted to understand the plant health
  • Observation: Modules degraded excessively more than expected
  • Next steps: Technical support to the developer for warranty claim and identification of all underperforming modules.
  • Re-binning of modules and adding new modules in only one inverter to maximize the generation
  • Sharing of exhaustive reports for warranty claim
  1. Quality Assessment during transportation damages (Container Toppling)

Outcome: 1035 modules damaged out of 1409 tested modules. Damaged modules were replaced

Approach: Our approach includes

  • EL Imaging of all the modules under consideration
  • Production of exhaustive reports with segregation of healthy and damaged modules
  • Technical support for warranty claim        

Technological advancements –

Our R&D team is working on many fronts to ensure the best use of time and resources. Some of the technological upgradations include

  • PV-D Digital Diagnostics Toolkit: This toolkit is based on machine learning, IoT, and real-time analytics. There are various objectives of this toolkit ( Are we planning to mention it in Public. This has to be done stealth mode)
  • Correlation between IV, EL and Thermal Imaging
  • Failure analysis through monitoring data
  • Generation, CUF, and PR forecasting
  • Module monitoring solution
  • Integration of SCADA analytics with O&M
  • Predictive diagnostics through real-time analytics
  • Heuristic fault detection
  • Plant resource management
  • Plant breakdown analysis
  • Dashboard for diagnostics reports: This is a web-based platform for diagnostics and performance assessment of solar power plants which serves as a visual interactive report. It is highly customizable as per the need of the client. It is in the very initial stages of implementation and we have many interesting upgradations which will completely change the experience of our clients. Some of the key features of this product are:
  • Diagnostics and performance assessment
  • Analysis of modules and other BoS components
  • Real-time monitoring and diagnostics
  • Tech DD lite: The idea behind this product is to provide better analysis from the little data provided before the non-bidding offer stage to smartly handle the bids. Some of the key features include:
  • Improved energy yield analysis accounting for more details
  • Performance analysis, breakdown analysis and even degradation estimation based on generation data
  • Radiation data correlation with major sources available for better analysis

Our future roadmap

Moving forward, we are looking for expansion opportunities in the international markets and are also exploring new verticals in the solar industry to extend our technology and consulting expertise. Our R&D team is working on many automation projects integrating machine learning and plant monitoring, diagnostics services, technical due diligence, etc. This will change the experience of our clients and accelerate our analysis with better accuracy on the field.

We have added various services to our portfolio like system designing, system feasibility studies, remote module, and other component inspection, etc and are increasing our expertise to tap other areas in the industry,

To conclude, PV Diagnostics is targeting to answer all the client’s needs with customized experience based on the individual’s needs. You can get a better understanding of our services by contacting us at ayush@pv-diagnostics.com or call us at +91 97570 51472.



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