Adani Electricity offers green power to willing consumers in Mumbai

Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML), Mumbai’s leading power discom has launched the Mumbai Green Energy Initiative which will enable all customers to procure renewable energy. As part of this program,AEML customers can set their own targets for renewable energy and have the option to buy renewable power by paying 66 paise extra according to the recent Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) scheme.

According to the MERC scheme, all the discoms in Maharashtra are now offering their customers the option of meeting 100 per cent of their energy requirement through renewable energy for an additional tariff of 66 paisa per unit. AEML in turn will provide renewable energy certificates to consumers opting for green power. Monthly certificates will be issued to such customers stating the percentage of their power requirement that has been met by renewables. The Mumbai Green Energy Initiative is a voluntary program for existing as well as prospective AEML consumers.

AEML will start procuring 700 MW of solar-wind hybrid power from Rajasthan by the end of 2022-23. Further, it will also set up an additional 1,000 MW of round the clock (RTC) power capacity which will have more than 51 per cent renewable energy component. This additional capacity is presently under MERC approval. Moreover, AEML plans to meet over 30 per cent of its total energy requirement through renewable energy by 2023. It then aims to increase this share to 50 per cent following MERC’s approval for the 1,000 MW RTC power.


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