30k Crore Hybrid Project to Brighten the Nights of Rajasthan

  • India’s first of its kind integrated project of 3600 MW Solar and 900 MW wind and 2520 MW Pump Hydro Storage Plant
  • Solar and wind Project will be set up in Pali and Jaisalmer; and Pump Hydro Storage will be set up in Shahpur, Baran District of the state
  • Development of storage capabilities to tap the excess solar energy generated in daytime
  • Greenko Energy to develop this hybrid project at a cost of Rs 30,000 Cr of which the pumped hydro storage project will be of Rs 11,882 Cr

A world leader in renewable energy, the state of Rajasthan is all set to develop facilities to store excess solar energy available in day time and the same can be availed even when there is a little or no sunshine. The state government under Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s leadership has been advancing to establish the first of its kind Hybrid Project that will have solar, wind to generate energy and pump hydro storage capacity for the storage of the energy.

Known for the hub for renewable energy, Rajasthan has been promoting power storage solutions under the Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy 2019. The Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited has received several proposals for energy storage projects following the policy incentives.

Dr. Subodh Agarwal (IAS), CMD of RREC says, “Among the projects seeking the policy advantage is a hydropower based storage project proposed to be developed in Baran district of the state. The excess solar-generated electricity will be used to pump water in a reservoir at a designated height. The potential energy of the water will be reclaimed using turbine driven generators. It will be first of its kind integrated project in the country with a combination of solar, wind and hydropower for uninterrupted power supply.”

The hydro storage project proposed in Shahpur, Baran district of Rajasthan will be developed at an estimated cost of Rs 11,882 crore. The storage facility will be a Standalone pumped storage project of 2520 MW. It will use 1.7 TMC of water but will not be consuming water as the same will be cycled between top and bottom reservoirs. Even as the storage facility is fractional of the production capacity, it brings a new dawn to solar energy sector.

The stored energy can help increase the electricity supply capacity which is solar power and Wind power is variable due to weather conditions. The obstruction in sunshine leads to sudden drop in electricity output of a solar power generation unit. A storage unit will help as a backup and help in ensuring incessant supply. Also as and when required, the stored units can compensate for low electricity production in evening hours.

 Anil Chalamalasetty, Founder, MD & CEO of Greenko Group says, “Greenko Group, with a current operational capacity of ~7 GW and a pipeline of ~8 GW, India’s leading New Energy company is thankful to the Govt. of Rajasthan for recognizing the importance and potential of Pumped Storage solutions and the numerous benefits they would bring to the State besides offering lowest cost Energy Storage solutions compared numerous technologies globally available today. The Project when completed by 2023-24 would be “World’s Largest Renewable Energy Asset” and strengthen and contribute immensely to Rajasthan’s efforts as a model state in the adoption of solutions for a sustainable future.”

He adds, “GreenKo’s vision for a sustainable Indian Energy future is based on Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Projects (IRESPs) that combine Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Pumped Storage capacity with Intelligent Energy Platforms deployed as a sharing platform to transform the renewables into Firm, Schedulable & Dispatchable New Energy thus paving the way for achieving energy security for Rajasthan and India. The IRESPs will ensure achieving long-term stability and reduction of electricity prices by ~20% nationally while enabling Grid Stability, Security and Feasibility for a future of deep decarbonisation of the Indian Energy sector.”

Notably, the Rajasthan Government has set the target of 30,000 MW Solar Power projects upto 2024-25. The generated power will be used by DISCOMs or other entities to meet their demand and for the fulfilment of the Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) as determined by RERC under the Solar Policy. State also aims to develop solar power projects for sale of power to parties other than DISCOMs of Rajasthan and for captive consumption, within and outside state.



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