MYSUN to invest Rs 6 billion in developing 200 MW solar portfolio

MYSUN a rooftop solar firm is set to invest Rs 6 billion to develop a 200 MW solar portfolio of the first phase of its recently launched asset vehicle. This upcoming venture will provide solar energy solutions to large corporate, industrial, and commercial establishments. This will be carried out on a build, own, operate, and transfermodel or a renewable energy service company model. The asset vehicle, MYSUN+, has already been gaining traction as it has signed up and executing projects in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Puducherry, and Rajasthan. Some large Indian as well as multinational companies have already become clients of the vehicle as well.

MYSUN has now become a complete 360-degree solar company meeting vastly different financing needs of its client based of the large, medium and small industry as well as homes. It will also enable consumers to buy solar power without making any upfront investments and hassles of operating a solar plant in their buildings. The initiative will also contribute to making the energy consumption of companies more cost-effective, and in reducing their carbon footprint.

MYSUN+ will be an independent subsidiary of MSYUN. It will use world-class engineering to have highest safety and service standards and use premium solar equipment. It is being funded through the capital that was raised recently in the process of closing debt for its fest set of projects.


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