Military Engineer Services floats tender for 1 MW of solar projects in Haryana

The Military Engineering Services (MES) has issued a tender for the development of 1 MW of ground-mounted solar power projectsatHisar, Haryana. The developers will be required to carry out external electrification to all the required buildings, testing, commissioning, and other related work for the entire project. Additionally, they must provide comprehensive operations and maintenance services for five years. The capacity must be installed in two phases, the first of which must be completed within a year while the second must be completed within five years of the issue of the letter of award. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 60 million. Developers will be required to submit an earnest money deposit of Rs 625,000 and the last date for the submission of bids is March 15, 2021.

To be eligible, applicants must have completed solar power projects in government departments or public sector undertakings in the last seven years. The developer must have carried out at least one similar project at least 80 per cent of the tendered capacity, two such projects of 50 per cent of the capacity each, or three projects of 40 per cent of the tendered capacity each.

Military Engineer Services is a state-owned infrastructure development agency for the armed forces which was founded in 1923. The agency has carried out several solar projects in recent years across military camps in the country. So far, the agency has issued tenders for 131 MW of ground-mounted solar capacity.In November 2020, MES invited bids for the installation of 1 MW of ground-mounted solar capacity at the military cantonment situated at Itarana in Alwar Rajasthan. In October 2020, MES invited bids for 3MW of solar projects at two locations with 1.5MW at each location in Leh, Ladakh.



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