Lumos-499: The solution to your Natural lighting woes

A product that is designed to reflect sunlight to a given point irrespective of the location of the sun in the sky.

In the current situation of COVID-19 when more and more people are spending time in indoor spaces which are becoming smaller by the day, having a natural source of good sunlight is the exception rather than the rule. Uniworks Design’s Lumos-499 is path-breaking in its approach to solving that problem. The device can harness the solar power of the sun and can bring in natural sunlight in indoor spaces. The product itself is extremely handy and can be controlled wirelessly. A weight of 450 gms makes it very easy to move It does not even need any external source of power supply as it is self-sustainable. The best part, however, is its non-dependence on the sun’s position. Its reflection does not get affected by the sun’s position. It provides a stable natural light irrespective of the sun’s position. Even inside the home its position can be controlled wirelessly making it very easy to use.

The product that was officially unveiled on 30th November would be available for sale online at by the first week of January 2021. The technology aspect of this innovative product is pretty simple, the device tracks the path of the sun anywhere on the planet and reflects the same to any direction desired by the user.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch Mr. Arun Kumar Chaubey, Co-founders of Uniworks Designs “It’s just been 2 weeks since we have launched our product in the market and it would be too early to comment on the response. Honestly speaking it will take more than a month’s time for people to give their feedback on it. People who have Lumos installed in their homes will take some time to feel the difference and by next month we will have positive feedback. I have one installed at my place and believe me I felt the difference. I and my team are working hard 24*7 so that it reaches many Indian houses as Sunlight is free but still many are deprived of it.”

The target audience for this product is the urban apartment-dwellers who face a severe crunch of natural light in their living spaces. This lack of a natural source of sunlight leads to several problems which include but are not limited to both physical as well as mental ailments. This device can help to synthesize Vitamin D in the human body while also helping to maintain a proper sleep cycle as the lack of sunlight also reduces the amount of Melatonin our brain produces. Melatonin is vital because that is what tells one’s brain that it is time to sleep. A well-lit space is known to be an instant mood-enhancer and this product would add life to one’s home by filling it with an ample amount of natural light.

A product which could only have been someone’s wild imagination a few years back is now a reality and just goes on to prove how technology can prove to be a solution for a lot of the problems that have emerged because of the changes in how people live and where they live.

About Uniworks Designs: 

Uniworks Designs is the place where you try to turn your dream into a living reality. The brand is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary, and urban design in the city like Hyderabad and New Delhi. It has been at the forefront of commercial and residential refurbishments for over 4 years, believes to work with architects, designers and individuals to create stunning and exciting places to live, Uniworks offers to the clients the complete range of architectural design services, from concept through construction. In an increasingly urbanized landscape, Uniworks continues to focus on marrying and connecting nature with a man-made environment. With a philosophy that puts people at the center of all its designs, we ensure that our designs incorporate natural elements, locally sourced Eco-friendly ingredients and recycled and reclaimed materials to ensure sustainable conservation as well as healthy living for all.


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