Vikram Solar introduces next-generation, higher efficiency Series 6 PV modules

India-based solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer Vikram Solar recently announced the launch of its Series 6 modules, Somera and Prexos. These modules come equipped with the next-generation M6 type of cells, which are considered a superior and more advanced technology. The new Series 6 modules will reportedly provide higher power output of up to 505 Wp and efficiency ranging from 18.34 to 21 per cent, depending on the cell version. According to the company, the Series 6 modules are also cost effective, as they reportedly reduce the overall project cost and increase project-level cost savings for customers. The especially designed modules require less land, thus reducing costs pertaining to cabling, civil works, and operations and maintenance.

The Series 6 multi-busbar (MBB) modules are called Somera Series 6 and Prexos Series 6 for the monofacial and bifacial categories respectively. Both these categories are based on mono-passivated emitter rear contact technology and are available in variants of 120, 144 and 156 half-cut cells. The 120 half-cut cell variant is exclusively for the US and international markets. These MBB half-cut PV modules reportedly deliver higher performance even in low light and partial shadow environments, and thus can be used in previously unviable sites and varied terrain. They have reportedly been designed to ensure less cell stress during module fabrication, which lowers the risk of module degradation in extreme weather conditions. Further, the upgraded material used for making these modules provides greater resistance to heat, making them more durable in fluctuating temperatures. The bifacial variants have a potential induced degradation (PID)-resistant encapsulant, which ensures near-zero PID.


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