Andhra Pradesh invites bids for 6.4 GW of solar projects across farms in the state

The Andhra Pradesh Green Energy Corporation Limited (APGECL) has floated a tender for developing 6.4 GW of solar power projects at various locations in the state. The total capacity will be spread across 10 locations: 600 MW at Chakrayapet, 400 MW at Thondur, 600 MW at Kambaldinne, 600 MW at Pendlimarri, 600 MW at Rudrasamudram, 600 MW at CS Puram, 600 MW at Uruchinatala, 1,200 MW at Akmbadur, 600 MW at Mudigubba, and 600 MW at Kolimigundala. As per the tender guidelines, the bidder must submit a single bid for a minimum capacity of 300 MW or in multiples of 300 MW going up to the total capacity of the project. Further, for every Rs 100,000 per MW paid in basic customs duty and safeguard duty, the quoted tariff will be increased by Rs 0.0055 per kWh and necessary amendments will be made in the PPA.  The developer will also have the option of developing 50 per cent of the capacity over the quoted amount under the greenshoe option within six months of issue of the letter of award.  Any excess generation above 10 per cent of the declared value of annual capacity utilisation will be purchased by the APGECL at a fixed tariff of 75 per cent of the tariff quoted in the power purchase agreement. Bidders are required to submit Rs 150,000 per MW as the earnest money deposit. The last date to submit the bids is December 28, 2020,

Andhra Pradesh has 3.7 GW of large-scale solar projects in operation and 1.3 GW of projects in various stages of development. In February 2020, the government of Andhra Pradesh formed the APGECL to install 10 GW of solar projects which will provide nine hours of free daytime power supply to the state’s agricultural sector. In November 2020, Andhra Pradesh set the PPA for projects under the proposed projects at 30 years instead of 25 years.



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