CEL invites bids under tenders for the supply of 1.43 million solar cells

Central Electronics Limited (CEL) has floated two tenders for the supply of 1.43 million solar photovoltaic cells. Under the first tender, 1.4 million multi-crystalline or monocrystalline cells that meet domestic content requirements must be supplied. The remaining 30,000 will have to be supplied under the second tender. No earnest money deposit was not required under both the tenders. CEL specified that the deliveries must be made in lots up till March 31, 2021. Suppliers must have an annual manufacturing capacity of at least 30 MW of monocrystalline or multi-crystalline solar cells. Further, only indigenous suppliers, excluding traders or stockists can participate in the competitive bidding process. Under both tenders, multi-crystalline cells must be 156.75 x 156.75 mm ± 0.25mm or 157x 157 mm or ± 0.25 in dimensions and with a wattage of 4.70W, 4.72W, or 4.78W. For monocrystalline cells, they must have a wattage of at least 4.83W. The cells must be five bus bars in length and 220 ± 20 microns in thickness.

As of November 2020, CEL has floated tenders for the total supply of 3.7 million multi-crystalline solar cells and 100,000 monocrystalline solar cells. It has a  solar cell and module manufacturing capacity of 10 MW and 38 MW, respectively. In June 2020, the public enterprise invited bids for the supply of 2 million multi-crystalline passivated emitter and rear contact solar cells. In April 2020, it invited bids for the supply of 1 million monocrystalline solar cells. In September 2020, CEL had issued a tender for setting up 1,707 solar pumps under Component-C of the PM KUSUM scheme.

Both Meghalaya and Uttar Pradesh have been taking steps to add solar capacity to their energy portfolio. In November 2020, Meghalaya issued tenders for 80 MW of solar capacity, including 10 MW to be set up under the PM-KUSUM scheme. Uttar Pradesh has been planning the development of large scale solar parks. In November 2020, the state invited bids consultants to draft a detailed project report for a 1.2 GW solar park in the Jalaun district. In October 2020, NHPC Limited had proposed to develop an ultra-mega solar park with a capacity of 600 MW in the Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh.


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