SJVN plans to purchase of 1,500 acres of land for the development of solar capacity in Rajasthan

SJVN Limited has floated a tender to purchase 1,500 acres of land for setting up solar power projects in Rajasthan. The land must have a chain link facility on its periphery and must be within 20 km of the state’s transmission utility substation. The land offered must be a single connected patch and have a minimum width of 500 metres at any place within the patch. The proposed patch must also have an average annual global horizontal irradiation of at least 1,800 kWh per square metre. To participate, bidders must have completed at least one project over at least 500 acres of land in Rajasthan under a single contract in the past five years. The bidder can quote an area greater than the specified 1,500 acres. SJVN has the right to purchase less than 1,500 acres of the total proposed land. Prospective bidders must submit an earnest money deposit of Rs 1.18 million. The deadline for the submission of bids is November 23, 2020.


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