Vestas launches a new low-wind turbine

Denmark-based wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has launched a new wind turbine for low-wind sites. While the new turbine is globally applicable, it is better suited for low and ultra-low-wind condition projects in India and the US. The turbine, V155-3.3 MW, is a variant of the company’s 4 MW platform. It features the largest rotor of the 4 MW platform, thereby increasing the swept area to 18,869 m². This 67 per cent increase in turbine swept area as compared to the V120-2.2 MW turbine, combined with a large rotor-to-rating ratio, significantly improves the partial load energy production in low-wind conditions. Thus, the annual energy production is reportedly more than 3 per cent higher for a 300 MW wind park, even if the number of turbines is lower.

The turbine has a standard 3.3 MW power rating and a 175 Watt per metre square specific rating. It has a reportedly high capacity utilisation factor, depending on site-specific wind conditions, which enables improved energy generation. It has an optimised blade design and market-specific towers with a hub height of up to 140 metre, which makes it suitable to meet the local transportation requirements. The turbines will be predominantly locally manufactured and sourced in India. The prototype installation of the V155-3.3 MW turbine is planned for the third quarter of 2021, while serial production is expected by the first quarter of 2022.


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