MNRE issues guidelines for round-the-clock power procurement

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has announced guidelines for procuring round-the-clock power from grid-connected renewable energy projects supported by conventional thermal power projects. The combination or “bundle” of power will ensure power supply throughout the day as the conventional power will help mitigate the intermittency of renewable power. As per the guidelines, at least 51 per cent of the power supplied should be sourced from renewable power projects, which may include storage. Power generators will have to ensure at least 85 per cent availability annually as well as during peak hours. Failing the 85 per cent supply requirement will lead to a penalty equivalent to 25 per cent of the shortfall in energy terms, calculated at the maximum composite tariff payable during the year. The power purchase agreement must be for 25 years or more from the date of supply. Successful bidders will be selected through auction.


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