Andhra Pradesh announces renewable energy export policy

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has announced the “Andhra Pradesh Renewable Energy Export Policy, 2020” which will be applicable to solar, wind and wind-solar hybrid projects. The policy aims to facilitate 120 GW of renewable energy projects, promote setting up of renewable energy equipment manufacturing facilities, attract private investments to the state and improve the local economy. It also intends to ensure utilisation of 500,000 acres of potential land in the state by developers for exports. The policy will come into operation with effect from date of issuance and shall remain in force for five years.

The policy has been announced in order to encourage, develop and promote renewable energy projects by investors for the purpose of energy export outside Andhra Pradesh without any obligation of procurement of power by state discoms. The state has been significantly scaling up its renewable energy capacity. Recently, in June 2020, the Andhra Pradesh government has also granted approval to a proposal for setting up a 10 GW solar power project. The project is expected to ensure a nine-hour continuous power supply to farmers during daytime. This would further complement the power supplied by an integrated renewable energy project.


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