LONGi launches its new Hi-MO 5 module

LONGi has launched the Hi-MO 5, which is an ultra-high power module designed for applications in utility-scale power plants. It has a front-side power of up to 540 W and efficiencies of over 21 per cent. The module has a size of 2,256×1,133 mm with gallium doped M10 standard silicon wafers (182 mm) to produce a p-type mono-PERC module. This reportedly has been verified to show lower light-induced degradation with stable, long-term power generation when compared to boron-doped ones. With the gallium-doped cells, Hi-MO 5 has increased attenuation performance, power performance and long-term reliability according to the company.

Hi-MO 5 has been designed with “smart soldering” technology on which it has reportedly increased module conversion efficiency by 0.3 per cent. This proprietary technology uses integrated segmented soldering ribbons that maximise light capture and reliably connect cells with reduced gap distance. “Smart soldering” reduces the tensile stress of the cell for higher reliability. The Hi-MO 5 range includes 66C and 72C formats, in bifacial and monofacial applications. The 72C version deploys the traditional 6-rows design in a 72-cell layout with front-side power up to 540 W, while the 66C module has front power of 495 W. The bifacial design has a “double glass with frame” that provides exceptional strength for high load capacity. The strength of the frame negates the need for a crossbeam, hence, there are no shading losses at the back of the module. The module length is compatible with 1P and 2P horizontal single-axis tracking systems. The product has a first-year power warranty of 98 per cent and linear annual attenuation within 0.45 per cent.


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