MingYang launches its new hybrid drive wind turbine

MingYang Smart Energy Group has developed its latest MySE11-203 wind turbine with a high reliability and a lower LCoE (levellised cost of energy) for offshore wind farms. MySE11-203 with a rated power capacity of 11 MW is the world’s biggest hybrid drive wind turbine, according to the company. It was designed for reliability and is based on the IEC wind class IB. The new MySE11-203 reportedly features a rotor diameter of 203 metres with a 31 per cent higher annual energy production than its predecessor. It comes with a super compact design and an optimal substructure at a lower cost. Its 99-metre long carbon-glass hybrid blades, MySE11-99A1, provide a swept area of 32,365 m2, approximately as big as five standard football fields. Furthermore, just one MySE11-203 can save roughly 1.15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over a lifespan of 25 years.

The turbine has plenty of distinct advantages. It is composed of less fragile components so that the short and strong structure can reduce loads to the drivetrain of turbines. Its medium-speed gearbox is similar in structure to the aero-engine gearboxes with high reliability. The turbine’s compact design ensures that the nacelle is protected from corrosion caused by the salty sea air. Moreover, the lubrication system, with high precision 5 µm filtration, guarantees high reliability and longer life of bearings and gear transmissions. The prototype of this offshore machine is planned to be erected in 2021 and will be commercially available in 2022.


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