TBEA Sunoasis releases a new “intelligent PV solution”

TBEA Sunoasis has launched a new smart, efficient, and reliable intelligent PV solution. With TS228KTL-HV large power string inverter as its core, the solution integrates data from both the cloud and the plant terminal for more accurate information collection. This ensures more accurate plant data, which, in turn, helps in improving the precision of operations and maintenance (O&M). The TBEA Sunoasis’s string inverters series is equipped with PLC and broadband OFDM (orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) technology for faster and more secure data transmission.

This solution integrates the new generation IV curve testing technology to improve the IV curve scanning speed by 20 per cent. Integrated with TB-eCloud platform, it can analyse and diagnose the faults on IV curve from the database within a short time. Moreover, TBEA Sunoasis’s TB-eCloud can provide intelligent O&M solutions from the cloud to the plant terminal such as monitoring, managing and maintaining different equipment of the plant. It also provides an effective analysis system and generates visual reports to provide support for decision-making, so that alarms are raised in a timely manner and plant data can be accessed anytime anywhere.

By sharing data between the inverter, tracking support, communication box and monitoring systems of a PV plant, the solution matches the maximum power point tracker (MPPT) with connected tracking device and uses dynamic algorithm to position the tracking devices for precise control. Using the cloud platform, the inverter dynamically adjusts its parameters according to the grid.