Enertronica Santerno unveils high-altitude central inverter

Italian inverter manufacturer Enertronica Santerno launched a new high-altitude central inverter for large-scale PV projects. The product, TG1800 EV, is based on a technical solution that was previously used by the company for power downgrading. This enables an inverter to operate safely in harsh weather conditions such as extreme temperature changes, variable humidity levels and reduced cooling capacity due to thinner air. According to the company, this 2 MW product is ideal for installations that are located at heights of more than 1,000 metres. The new inverter was designed to keep its performance unchanged up to an altitude of 2,700 metres without any downgrading for the altitude.

The product is based on the modular architecture of the company’s Sunway TG 1800 central inverter, and was designed after analysing a 10-year monitoring data from its products to increase reliability and robustness. According to the company, all the sensitive components of the inverter that are potentially subject to failure are housed in a special casing. This can be removed in minutes for repair and re-commissioning. The TG1800 EV product includes a series of options which ensure maintenance costs are similar to those of string inverters.


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