Solis hybrid inverters and LG Chem deliver solar-plus-storage solution for homeowners

Ginlong Technologies recently announced that its Solis storage inverter is now compatible with LG home battery RESU. The Solis Residential Hybrid Inverter (RHI) is now fully compatible with LG RESU 48V line-ups to provide stable, reliable home energy storage to help households maximise their PV energy and lock in energy savings. Solis RHI models, ranging from 3 kW to 6 kW, can be paired with the LG RESU 48V 3.3, 6.5, 10 and 13 systems for on-grid as well as limited back up mode applications.

Ginlong and LG Chem worked closely to ensure system security and stability through extensive modification and testing. LG Chem’s multi function battery management system and multi level current protection technology claims to improve safety, while Solis RHI’s battery over-discharge protection and its current controls contribute to the stable operation of the combined system. The communication between the inverter and the battery ensures interoperability. LG Chem’s battery management system records and transmits various electrical information, while the Solis hybrid acts as an actuator to respond promptly and accurately to those signals. Ginlong’s cloud-based monitoring allows homeowners to keep an eye on the system’s performance in real time.


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