GoodWe Powered Coca-Cola BeveragesHindustan Factory

On 29th of July 2019, Coca-Cola Beverages has announced their newly built 897kWP Solar plant on its factory rooftop located at Sanand, Ahmedabad, India, which was completed byTATA Solar Power.The plant is set to produce over 1,524GWh units of Solar Electricity every year, thereby helping save more than INR 13.7 Millionper year on energy bills. Moreover, the reduction of the CO2 footprint is equivalent to planting 1 million fully grown trees by only using12 GoodWe three-phase 60KW MT inverters.

As a Fortune 500 company,Coca-Cola emphasizes on quality products and perfect service, which would help secure investment payback and guarantee the longevity of the power plant. Coca-Cola particularly selected GoodWe inverters for their rooftop projects,thanks to the low grid-connected current harmonics and wide MPPT range.The GoodWe MT inverter can adapt to different kinds of grid. With 50% DC Input Oversizing and15% extra AC Power output, it provides the user with a faster and higher return of investments. With leading topology and an innovative inverter control technology, the MT Series is achieving up to 99% efficiency and 98.5% based on European standards. The four MPP Trackers ensure that the outputs of connected PV modules are able to generate the highest yields.All these factors were taken into consideration while engineering this inverter, processing and understanding different aspects of energy harvesting. GoodWe also offers an unparalleled pan-India after-sales service with a local team of 12+ engineers.GoodWe ensures and guarantees their customers receive the highest quality of service available.

As a leading Inverter supplier for TATA Solar Power, GoodWe continues to support new projects, thus benefitting from each other’s existing reach and connections. The launched power plants are set to produce a substantial amount of solar electricity and to have a significant impact on the global CO2 emission, lessening our carbon footprint and providing for a greener and brighter future.

GoodWe SEA and India Region representatives have also commented on the past collaboration, emphasizing that the relationship between Indian Customers and GoodWe is very valuable as they treasure this market and the relations built. GoodWe hasmade evident to be a highly reliable and quality-orientated manufacturer and will continue to be and to strive for constant improvement.


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