WBREDA invites bids for 11 MW grid-connected rooftop solar PV power projects

The West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA) has invited bids for development of 11 MW of grid-connected rooftop solar PV power projects in the state.

The project will include development of 900 plants, of array capacity 10 kW, and 100 plants, of array capacity 20 kW at various organisations in West Bengal. The completion time schedule for 360 of the 10 kW systems and 40 of the 20 kW systems is 300 days. Whereas, the completion time for 180 of the 10 kW rooftop solar installations and 20 of the 20 kW rooftop solar installations is 240 days.

The scope of work includes- site visit and detailed field survey at the premises of the prospective beneficiaries; submission of site survey report indicating technical suitability of site for installation of the plant with roof plan; design of the system; obtaining technical approval from WBREDA; project monitoring during implementation of the project and during maintenance period; procurement and transportation of materials at site in properly packed condition of all equipment, materials and miscellaneous item required to complete the project; receiving, unloading, pilfer proof and safe storage at site; final check-up of equipment, installation, testing and commissioning of power plant and putting the system into successful functional operation; providing of training material to the end users during onsite training; assisting beneficiary in the process for obtaining net metering facility from state distribution companies, documentation and handing over of power plant. It also includes O&M of the plant for a period of five years. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 650 million and the last date for bid submission is February 5, 2019.


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