Panasonic introduces new premium smart module with SolarEdge optimiser

Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America and SolarEdge Technologies have introduced the premium smart HIT S Series Module for the residential market. This module comes with a SolarEdge power optimiser, and can generate greater solar power even at high temperatures. The product can specifically work with SolarEdge inverters and offers the benefit of accelerated installation.

This module offers multiple benefits of increased energy production and real-time performance monitoring through module-level monitoring. In addition, the improved design flexibility offers enhanced aesthetics and optimises rooftop system design. The module also provides enhanced safety with SafeDC technology for module-level shutdown. This smart solar module with advanced power optimiser offers a complete solution with easy installation for customers.

The HIT S Series smart module comes with Panasonic’s 25-year TripleGuard warranty, which covers module protection, performance, workmanship and parts. Consumers can generate more solar energy over the project’s lifetime as this product comes with a guarantee of 90.76 per cent rated power output even after 25 years. SolarEdge’s power optimiser also comes with a 25-year warranty while its inverter warranty is for 12 years, extendable to 20 or 25 years. It comes with free remote and module-level monitoring for 25 years. The product is expected to hit the US market in early 2019.


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