REC launches solar industry’s first n-type, mono half-cut-cell module

The REC Group has launched its new N-Peak solar panel, which promises high performance levels. The new N-peak solar panel is the first solar panel to combine n-type mono half-cut cells with a twin-panel design. It breaks fresh ground for REC and the industry, and promises a power output level of up to 330 Wp for a lasting performance. The REC N-Peak Series has powerful 60-cell modules, building on the success of REC’s TwinPeak technology. When partially shaded, the panel is split into two twin sections to enable continued energy production and to improve module performance in shaded conditions.

These modules are made of mono n-type cells, which ensure greater efficiency levels. The products have super-strong frames designed for loads of up to 7,000 Pa. The company offers a 12-year product warranty and 0.5 per cent annual degradation over the 25-year power warranty, resulting in 86 per cent of nameplate power after 25 years. The REC N-Peak Series promises zero light-induced degradation by preventing a combination of boron and oxygen inside a cell that can cause a permanent drop in a panel’s maximum power output. The product also comes with flexible installation options.


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