Uttar Pradesh announces subsidy for rooftop solar

The Uttar Pradesh government has announced a subsidy of Rs 15,000 per KW or a maximum of Rs 30,000 for the installation of solar plants. The state will provide this subsidy in addition to the 30 per cent subsidy that is being given by the central government. The aim of the additional subsidy is to make rooftop solar power plants affordable in the state. Under the scheme, there is also a scope to set-up common solar power plants in residential areas having a maximum capacity of up to 25 per cent of the electric transformer capacity.

To avail the scheme, consumers will be required to submit an online application form, available on the website of Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA). In addition, applicants would need a no objection certificate from the local discom and UPNEDA. The processing for installation of solar power plant will be initiated within one week of the submission of online application.

UPNEDA has also identified 716 poor families without access to electricity and is working on a plan to electrify the same using solar energy.


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