Openness, cooperation, and mutual benefit: bringing a digital world to PV plants and energy enterprises and helping partners lead the intelligent era

First Huawei Smart PV Global Partner Conference opens

A single flower does not make a spring, but thousands of flowers do. The first Huawei Smart PV Global Partner Conference kicked off at Huawei global R&D and operation headquarters, Shenzhen on May 31, 2018. More than 170 PV industry partners from 37 countries and regions were invited and attended this conference. With the theme of “bringing a digital world to PV plants and energy enterprises and helping partners lead the intelligent era,” Huawei interpreted the development philosophy of openness, cooperation, and mutual benefits in smart PV, and shared the latest trends and dynamics of PV technologies, as well as its global channel strategy.

At the Huawei Global Analyst Summit held in April this year, Huawei already released the Global Industry Vision 2025 (GIV 2025). According to GIV 2025, we are about to enter a world where all things will be able to sense and all things will be connected and intelligent. By 2025, the number of personal smart devices will reach 40 billion, and the number of global connections will reach 100 billion, creating a digital economy of US$23 trillion.  At the Conference, Mr. Li Jun, Vice President of Sales and Service of Huawei Smart PV Business delivered a keynote speech titled “Bit Managing Watt, Intelligence Leading the Future” for partners from all over the world, where he gave a complete analysis of the intelligence and digitization trend of the global PV industry in depth, and elaborated Huawei’s positioning under this trend. With 5G, AI, Big Data, and the Internet of Intelligence growing more mature, Huawei has developed a vision of bringing

the digital world to PV plants and energy enterprises and helping partners lead the intelligent era.” To fulfill this vision, Huawei will focus on the development of intelligent and digitized technologies in the PV industry. It will strive to be a pioneer and leader in PV digitization and intelligence and bring in AI technologies, to improve the competitiveness of product solutions from the cloud, pipe, and device levels and provide a better user experience.”

Matthias Wagner, Huawei’s Business Development & Distribution Europe and Middle Asia, elaborated Huawei’s global channel partnership strategy in his speech “Building platforms, empowering partners, and winning the future together.” In the digitized and intelligent PV industry, Huawei is willing to be a platform builder and enabler, which dedicates itself to providing products and solutions featuring “higher yields, smart O&M, safe and reliable”, and helping partners make more remarkable achievements in the industry.


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