Uttar Pradesh reduces cross subsidy, wheeling and transmission charges for solar power projects

In an amendment tothe Captive and Renewable Energy Generating Projects (CRE) Regulations 2014, the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) has reduced charges levied on solar power procured from standalone projects in the state. The amendment is aimed at lowering the cost of electricity sources from solar PV projects.

The regulations state that for the intrastate sale of power from standalone solar projects to discoms, third party or for captive consumption, an exemption of 50 per cent will be given on wheeling charges and transmission charges.

For the interstate sale of solar power using the intrastate transmission network, a 100 per cent exemption from wheeling and transmission charges will be provided. In addition, for interstate sale of power from standalone solar projects, there will be a 100 per cent exemption on cross subsidy surcharge.However, all the exemptions will be applied in accordance with the technical feasibility of the power transmission and as per other UPERC regulations.