MSEDCL retenders 1 GW of solar power capacity

To meet its renewable purchase obligation (RPO), MSEDCL has retendered 1,000 MW of grid-connected solar power capacity that it had previously tendered in December 2017. MSEDCL has fixed a tariff of Rs per kWh as the upper tariff ceiling for this global EPC tender.

The minimum project capacity a developer can bid for is 5 MW at a single location for intrastate projects. For ISTS-connected projects, the minimum project capacity to bid for will be 50 MW and there is no upper ceiling on the maximum capacity. If the power generated is more than the maximum capacity utilization factor (CUF) specified, the solar project developer can sell the excess power to any other entity. However, if the power generated is less than the minimum CUF specified, the solar project developer would be liable to pay for the shortfall in performance to MSEDCL, as per the compensation mentioned in the PPA.

This compensation will not be applicable in case of grid unavailability.MSEDCL will enter into 25 yearPPAs with the successful bidders and any extension of the PPA period beyond this will be after mutual agreements between the successful bidders and MSEDCL.

The project commissioning timeline is 13 months from the date of execution of the PPA. However, for projects having capacities above 250 MW and being developed outside of a solar park, the capacity can be commissioned within a period of 15 months. It is mandatory for project developersto report the financial closure details of the projects within seven months of signing the PPA.

The bid-submission deadline is April 27, 2018.


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