Quick Mount PV releases a new rooftop racking system


US-based Quick Mount PV has launched a rooftop racking system called QRail, which features its patented QClick and QSplice technologies that simplify and expedite plant installation. QRail comes with Quick Mount PV’s waterproof mounts to create a fully integrated racking and mounting solution for installing solar PV modules on any roof.

The patented QClick technology enables module clamps to easily click into the rail channel and remain in an upright position. QRail’s QSplice is a tool-free, bonded, fully structural splice that can be installed in a few seconds without the need for any tools or extra hardware.

Electrical bonding is fully integrated into every system component. All electrical bonds are created when the components are installed and tightened down. QRail is fully code compliant, certified with UL 2703, and backed by a 25-year warranty.

The aluminium QRails come in three sizes – heavy, standard and light – to match all geographic locations. QRails are available in 168 inch and 208 inch lengths, and in both mill and black finish. For optimal versatility, the system has been made compatible with virtually all PV modules and roof attachment systems. Modules can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation in either standard or shared rail configurations.