iPLON launches fuel save controller

iPLON has launched a photovoltaic (PV)-diesel generator (DG) hybrid fuel save controller. The controller acts as an interface connecting the DG, the PV system and the load, thereby managing the need-based PV feed-in power according to the load and generation profiles of the system. Although iPLON’s fuel save controller is ideal for a plant with one DG set, it can be extended to include over 10 DG sets. The key features of the system are:

  • Maximised solar output and minimised DG output
  • Inverter output control
  • Protection of reverse power current
  • Active-reactive power control and power factor correction
  • Site-specific customisation
  • Fully automated system operation
  • Remote maintenance and system management through iPLON cloud services
  • Scalable system ranging from kW-to MW-scale installations.
  • Currently, the solution has been deployed across multiple sites in India by companies like SMA Solar Technology, Danfoss Industries Private Limited, Kaco New Energy, Sungrow and Huawei.


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