APsystems launches the YC600 microinverter

APsystems has launched YC600, a dual-module, utility-interactive microinverter with reactive power control (RPC) technology and Rule 21 grid support functionality at Solar Power International in Las Vegas, USA.

The YC600 is designed to accommodate high output PV panels, offering enhanced capability and meeting the latest grid compliance standards. These include Underwriters Laboratories 1741 Supplement A requirements for California Rule 21, voltage and frequency ride through, and RPC for European and Australian Department of Environment regulation requirements.

Offering 300 VA peak output power per channel, the YC600 microinverter works with 60-and 72-cell PV modules and offers dual, independent maximum power point tracking (MPPT) per panel. The unit can operate within a wider MPPT voltage range, leading to a greater energy harvest for homeowners.

The YC600 is built on the successful APsystems’ line of multi-module microinverters, simplifying installation and reducing logistics costs. The unit features both integrated ground and direct current connectors for fast, trouble-free installation. It also maintains inherent compliance with the National Electric Code 690.12 for rapid shutdowns. In addition, an integrated ZigBee antenna offers broadband communication over a mesh network for fast and accurate data monitoring. All these put together offer a number of new and advanced features and functions over competing products in the market.

The product is available in Australia and Asia-Pacific, and will be available in the US and the Europe, Middle East and Africa region in the last quarter of 2017.


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