David Mabille

Chief Sales Officer, KACO New Energy GmbH

David Mabille, chief sales officer, KACO New Energy, is responsible for the company’s global sales and distribution strategy. His association with KACO goes back to 1999, when the company was a client of Total Energie, his previous employer, and then again when he moved to Soleos Solar, where he was involved in commercialising KACO’s inverters in the European market. He took over his current role about a year and a half ago.

During his 18-year association with KACO, he has focused largely on expanding the reach of its products. He began with successfully setting up a market for KACO in several European countries and is now looking for opportunities in emerging markets such as India to create a niche for the company.

KACO is bullish on the solar market in India and has set up a subsidiary here. Mabille believes that this is the right time to enter the Indian solar inverter market and is positive about the country’s solar and power sector growth in the coming years, which, he expects, will lead to greater revenues for the company. Mabille plans to create a robust distribution network for KACO’s varied range of inverters, from smaller products catering to rooftop systems to large utility-scale inverter solutions. For the latter segment, KACO has partnered with various developers and engineering, procurement and construction companies.

In addition to defining sales targets, Mabille has set goals to establish the company’s presence across the country in a short span of time so as to provide the required services for the company’s inverters. He is also looking at plans to set up a manufacturing facility in India. The company already has manufacturing facilities in some of the biggest markets in the world, including the US and Germany.

Mabille has an open-door management policy and often reaches out to his employees through impromptu meetings. Originally from France, Mabille left the country to pursue an MBA from the Escuela Superior de Comercio Internacional, Bilbao, Spain. He developed an interest in learning German while studying, which introduced him to the solar industry through his first job as a trainee in a German photovoltaic manufacturing company. When he is not working, Mabille can be found spending time with his three children. Despite his rigorous travel schedule, he makes it a point to spend the weekend with his family. He is fond of both individual and team sports, including tennis, swimming and football.


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