CHARGE+ZONE introduces 360 kW supercharging station

CHARGE+ZONE has introduced India’s inaugural supercharging network. This initiative leads the way in providing all-encompassing solutions for high-speed electric vehicle (EV) charging, placing superchargers along major highways and in city centers. Some selected stations integrate solar panels on canopies to enhance sustainability.

The initial supercharging stations are scheduled to commence operations by November 2023. These stations are outfitted with 180 kW dual gun chargers and 360 kW power cabinets, featuring four guns capable of delivering 60 kW each at 200 Amp, including one gun capable of delivering 500 Amp DC current with liquid cooling. This marks the introduction of this technology in India. The superchargers developed by the company is designed to transform AC into DC, delivering high-power DC voltage and current directly to EV batteries to facilitate rapid charging.

The decision to extend the supercharger network in these particular cities was influenced by the substantial traffic flow on the Chennai-Bengaluru highway and the demand for quick and convenient charging solutions in prominent business complexes such as BKC, Mumbai.
These superchargers offer truck and bus fleet operators the chance to shift their mid-mile transportation fleet to EVs. The EV tariff established by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and the separate substation set up by CHARGE+ZONE at Vellore will enhance the convenience of charging for fleet operators.

In June 2023, CHARGE+ZONE announced the successful completion of the first phase of installing over 1,600 EV charging stations across around 450 locations and covering more than 15,000 kms of highway across the country.