JinkoSolar Marks a Major Milestone of 200GW Delivery

JinkoSolar has reached the landmark of 200GW panel deliveries globally. The achievement highlights the company’s sustained efforts to advance the adoption of solar power.

JinkoSolar said its “exponential growth” was the result of its strong focus on R&D. The milestone was achieved some 13 years after the brand first started deliveries of its panel back in 2010.

In Q1 2021, the company announced a stunning achievement: the production of its 100GW panel delivery. Just over 2 years later, JinkoSolar announced a new milestone: the shipment of its 200GW solar panels

Its line-up now includes N-type Tiger Neo and P-type Tiger Pro– which saw the majority transiting towards Neo this year, making them more efficient and powerful. A heavily updated version of the Tiger Neo is now introducing fresh cell efficiency, extra power and more refinement.

JinkoSolar continues to work to significantly expand its N-type Tiger Neo capacity to meet strong demand – another key factor in its 200GW deliveries milestone ahead of schedule. During the first three quarters of 2023, it shipped over 52GW to 180 countries.

JinkoSolar has also been going big on ESS, supplying its liquid cooling utility-scale and C&I ESS named SunTera and SunGiga to its customers globally. With deals recently inked with a broad swath of customers for PV+ESS solution and the adoption of JinkoSolar’s liquid cooling system, that the ESS’s growth will also need to accelerate to keep pace with JinkoSolar’s PV sales.