Gautam Solar to boost solar module manufacturing capacity to 2 GW

Gautam Solar is working to increase its annual solar module production capacity to 2 GW to play a major role in accelerating the energy transition and supporting the country’s sustainable development. The company aims to complete this substantial expansion by the end of 2024. To ensure a smooth and timely realisation of this growth plan, Gautam Solar is committing approximately Rs 1.5 billion to enhance its manufacturing infrastructure within the year.

The increased manufacturing capacity of the company will be used for producing N-type TOPCon and mono PERC solar modules. These high-efficiency solar panels have received certifications conforming to Approved List of Models and Manufacturers and Bureau of Indian Standards for the domestic market, as well as meeting UL and IEC standards for international markets such as the US and Europe.

The company is dedicated to collaborating with various industry stakeholders to foster a robust domestic solar manufacturing sector, aligning with the government’s vision and aiding India in reaching its net zero goal. Gautam Solar’s products are being used in diverse areas, encompassing rooftop solar projects, utility-scale solar projects, and commercial and industrial solar plants, serving both governmental bodies and private enterprises. This substantial expansion underscores the company’s dedication to the Make in India initiative and will play a pivotal role in diminishing India’s dependence on imported solar modules.