GCL-SI introduces perovskite solar panels

GCL System Integration (GCL-SI) has in­troduced a perovskite solar module with a power output of 320 W and a power conversion efficiency of 16.02 per cent. The module weighs 34.5 kg and has di­mensions of 2,005 mm x 1,005 mm x 35 mm. It features 3.2 mm semi-tempered glass and is encapsulated with a fi­lm ma­de of polyolefin elastomer. It can function at operating temperatures between -40 °Celsius and 85 °Celsius, with a system voltage of up to 1,000 V. The company guarantees that after 10 years the power output will be no less than 90 per cent of the nominal power output. This output will then decrease to 80 per cent after 25 years of operation. The company’s pursuit of perovskite development is reportedly driven by the potential for significantly lower costs compared to silicon products.